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Okami Martial Arts is excited to be re-opening to the public for classes JUNE 8th. 

We will be following ALL the government guidelines set out for us to ensure our safety and YOURS!  

Please note that while our martial arts involve contact, we are proud to be able to bring your SOLO drilling on ALL martial arts classes

we offer.  

To hear more about our COVID re-opening plan and to sign up for class, please email [email protected] 

~ Renshi Kelly and Sensei Crystal 

Train Hard

Fight Hard 

Our goal at Okami is to offer top quality martial arts

training, while creating the best martial artists of any age.

With a focus on discipline, working hard and of course having some fun, our instructors are the very best.

Whether you are looking to take your athlete status to

the next level, become an aspiring athlete or just looking for a great place to train, Okami Martial Arts is your place.  

Children's Martial Arts Classes

 We offer Karate, Gracie Bullyproof and Kickboxing

to our children to focus on building their confidence, discipline, and knowledge of

self defense situations.

Our classes are structured and most of all FUN!!!